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A mocku-podcast from the LETTERHEADS fiction(al) writer's group. Our heroes strive, in their hubris, to spread the good news about the writing process to their listeners. Each episode illustrates how four writers can make a bad story even worse.

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Lucas Reviews the John Deere GX85 riding lawnmower



the John Deere GX85 riding lawnmower has been my main source of transportation ever since i pawned my car a month ago and couldn’t find the pawn shop again. i’m not gonna waste any time here - the GX85 is a hunk of shit automobile. we’re talkin’ awful gas mileage and a ride about as…

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LETTERHEADS Cast Interviews #2: Shaggy Thomas Part 1

Shaggy Thomas talks about playing a girl, having giggleitis, being a general pun-master, and what the New York Giants need to do come Super Bowl time. Look for part 2 on the LETTERHEADS youtube page!

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Great news everyone! We’ve teamed up with Rochester New York’s Podcast Network ROCpodcasts, which sports a healthy line-up of a dozen local shows. Come check out the pride of the Flower City!

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The long awaited answer to the crazy cliffhanger that ended up episode 3! Three stories are read in this plus-sized episode! A former LETTERHEAD is finally revealed in all her strange glory! Brett-Ashley unleashes her inner fan-girl! Our heroes opine on the existence of Canadian emergency services! Sara’s lavatory epiphanies revealed! Willem runs a workshop! Manny faces his worst fears (that Willem is running his workshop)! Listen and find what lies beyond the Mothwing Bathroom Door!

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LETTERHEADS Cast Interviews #1: Adam Wiater (by letterheadspodcast)

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That’s a Wrap

Yesterday we had a fantastic recording session with our talented bunch, and are on track to release Episode 4 in two weeks! Our audience will finally meet eccentric author and former LETTERHEAD, Viviana R.R. Cunningham. And of course, other wacky surprises await. Stay tuned.

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Episode the Fourth

After last episode’s surprise cliffhanger, the LETTERHEADS writing team realized we had to sit down and re-tool the original script we had for Episode 4. We think it’s the best yet! With the help of our brilliant actors, we are doing some quick rewrites, but we are scheduled for studio time on April 11.

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Episode 3: Style Choices Part I

Join Manny and the gang as they delve into the uncharted territory of fan mail! Sara reveals some vital survival skills while Brett-Ashley has more…destructive tendencies. Also, will Willem totally ruin everything by running the workshop of Manny’s novel? Or will everything be ruined for Willem by a mere set of keys? “Episode 3: Style Choices” is here!

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Episode 5 Contest

Hello Fans! And good Monday to you all! If you’re having as much trouble getting over this weekend as we are, well then good news! We are launching a new contest today to get you, the listener, involved in Episode 5 of LETTERHEADS, entitled “Cut and Paste.” Give us one sound effect that we must incorporate into the episode. Most creative sound wins!


1. Only one entry per person.
2. Rules subject to change at any time.
3. CUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUT (bonus points if you get the reference)
4. That was a pretty good (if not perfect segue) into rule 4, which is Don’t use “scissors cutting” as your entry - it is already part of the episode.
5. Send entries to with subject line “SOUND EFFECT”, or post to the Facebook group as linked above.

Thanks and good luck to everyone!!!!

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stop trying to make sesh happen

Welcome, new followers! Updates have been scarce while we are busy working with all the goodness that came out of our 3rd studio recording sesh — which is different from a session, by the way. A common misconception is that the slang word, “sesh” is shorthand speech for the word “session.” What it actually means is “a wartime tribunal called to decide punishments for making improper sacrifices during Saturnalia.” We  sure punished many a guilty pagan after that last sesh. Christians, too. We don’t discriminate.

Stay tuned for Episode 3!

A Little Taste of the Episode 3 Script!

We record episode 3 on Wednesday morning! We are very excited to have our first guest star on the show: Rochester comedian Austin Lafond shall appear as Frank Woz, Willem’s younger brother. Here’s a sample of what we’ll all be intentionally saying into microphones very soon:

BRETT-ASHLEY: So tell me, what’s it like being Willem’s brother?

FRANK: Night-light.


FRANK: He sleeps with a night-light.

WILLEM: Nocturnal illuminator, not the same thing. If I get an idea in the middle of the night, it’s there to provide light so I can physically see my pen strike my notepad.

FRANK: That’s what lamps are for. You’re afraid of Mittens.


SARA: Me too! One always escapes when I need them. Do you think all the mittens are hiding somewhere thinking about me?


BRETT-ASHLEY: Who’s Mittens?


FRANK: I’ll get to that in a second sweetie (Directed at Brett-Ashley). First, I have to know the name of the lovely lady I’m sitting across from.




MANNY: Sara, I think he means you.


FRANK: I think I need to know everything about you.


SARA: (Giggles) Oh! Stay tuned everybody, I’m working on my autobiography.               



iTunes link for Episode 2 of LETTERHEADS

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Episode 2 Available for Download!

Episode 2: Gollum Voice Is Episode 3


Revision: The Fun Part

is LIVE! Download it now!

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Follow Manny as he tries to make sense of his writing and of his silly podcast. @letterheadspod

Follow Manny as he tries to make sense of his writing and of his silly podcast. @letterheadspod

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